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7 Card Stud Hi-Lo Rules:

Seven card stud hi/lo rules are similar to seven card stud except for one major difference and a couple other minor changes. A lot less people play this game although finding a game online isn't that hard if you play with the big poker rooms like PokerStars. No matter where you play this poker game it's played using fixed limit rules and you will never find it played using pot limit or no limit. The hands would get way to big because of the fact there are so many betting rounds when you are playing seven card stud hi/lo.

» Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Objective

As I already mentioned, the rules in this poker game are the same as seven card stud except one major change. The goal when you are playing this poker game is to have the highest hand and the lowest hand. Both the high hand and low hand can win in this game, but in order for the low hand to qualify you will need to have 5 cards 8 or below without using any pairs. If there is no low hand then only the high hand wins the pot. There are plenty of times when only the high hand wins so make sure you don't jump out of a pot because you are worried about splitting the pot at best.

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» Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Rules

To begin a hand you need to deal out 3 cards to every player in the hand with 1 of those cards being dealt face up so that everyone can see the card. Everyone then completes a betting round starting with the player that has the highest face up card. After the betting the players left in the hand receive their 4th card face up and then everyone bets again. Players then get dealt their 5th card face up and completed another betting round although this round you will use the higher limits for betting. Players then get their 6th card face up and bet again. Finally players that are left in the hand will be dealt their 7th and final card face down and then complete one last betting round.

Players that are still in the hand after the final betting round will go to the showdown where players need to flip over the 5 cards they want to use in the hand. The goal is to make the highest hand and lowest hand possible using your cards without any pairs as we talked about above. Typically a hand won't go down to the showdown in seven card stud hi/lo unless there are a lot of draws.

Since most of the cards are dealt face up it's easy to see when a player has the potential for a monster hand, which makes it easy to fold. You may even be able to steal some pots if you are a bunch of good face up cards. If you have 2-3-4-5 face up it shouldn't be hard to steal the pot because you should win the low hand and possibly the high hand if you have the straight.