7 Card Stud Poker - Seven Card Stud Poker Strategy And Rules



7 Card Stud Rules:

Seven card stud is one of several poker games that is played with 7 cards and is definitely the most popular. Quite a few online poker sites offer seven card stud poker cash games and tournaments for real money. There are not nearly as many players as you would find on the Holdem or Omaha tables, but there are generally around 1K players online at any given time looking to play seven card stud for real money against other people. It's a great game to learn, but the competition is often a lot more difficult then you would find on your average Holdem table.

» Seven Card Stud Objective

In seven card stud players receive 7 cards in the hand and are supposed to make the best 5-card hand out of their hand. The hand values are the same as in the majority of poker games with the best hand being the royal flush. There are plenty of rounds of betting in this game and lots of opportunities to get your money in the pot. If you have never played seven card stud before then take the time to read over the rules below, so that you are prepared too start playing.

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» Seven Card Stud Rules

Seven card stud is really simple to play and you start by dealing out 3 cards to every player with 2 face down and 1 face up. Players then have a round of betting where they can check, bet, call or raise depending on the situation.

After the first round of betting players receive another card face up and then another betting round takes place. From here players receive another face up card and the betting limits increase during this betting round. Seven card stud is played using fixed limit rules although the limits change on 5th street.

Players receive another face up card after the betting takes place and then they bet again using the higher fixed limits. Players then are dealt their last card face down and a final betting round takes place. If there are still 2 or more players left in the hand after the final round of betting players will flip over their face down cards and make the best five card poker hand that they can. The player with the best hand will win the chips and if players happen to tie in the hand the pot is simply split between players.

As you can see there are a lot of betting rounds and cards used in seven card stud, but most hands won't go the distance. Typically a player will win the hand on the 4th or 5th street with a bet as players realize they don't have many options. If you happen to go the distance in seven card stud you should avoid betting too much money into the pot unless you are really sure that you've got the best hand. A lot of players call down hands in this game because it is played using fixed limit betting rules and they know exactly what it will cost them to call you down since you can't bet over the maximum.