Advanced 7 Card Stud Strategy



Advanced 7 Card Stud Strategy:

Now that you've been playing profitable 7 card stud at the low limit tables and medium limit tables, it's time to move onto the high limit tables. You're not going to find that many high limit stud poker games running online although the big poker rooms will be able to provide some high limit action. You're going to end up playing against the same opponents frequently at the higher limit tables, so it's imperative that you learn everything you can about your opponents.

  • One strategy that most really good stud poker players follow is the 5th street rule. If you stay in the hand up to 5th street you should stay in the hand down to the river. There are some exceptions to the rule, but for the most part you should have decided whether or not you're staying in the hand by 5th street.

  • Table selection won't be as important on the higher limit 7 card stud tables because there aren't that many tables running typically, but your table position is important. Once you become familiar with your opposition you'll know which players like to raise, which players like to float, etc. Once you know the playing style of your competition you can seat yourself on the table where you're best suited. If you like raising the pot then you ideally want to sit in a position right before a player that likes to play tight since you should be able to steal some pots from them.

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  • Rather then just playing your cards you're also going to need to play your opponents a lot more now. Generally high limit stud players are really good and they're going to play their hand based on their perception of the hand. If they think you're weak then they're going to bet regardless of what they have. You need to be able to figure out when your opponent is bluffing you and when your opponent actually has something. In lower limit 7 card stud poker games you don't need to worry as much about your opponents playing you, which makes it a lot easier to make the right play.

  • When you're new to the high limit stud poker tables you want to try and play as tight as possible initially. You'll gain a strong table image and will be able to bluff your opponents in bigger pots down the road. I've found that most players are more prone to calling a new player as well since they want to learn any betting patterns they may have. You definitely don't want to play as aggressively as you would on lower limit tables because you're not going to be able to walk all over your opponents once you reach the high limit games.

If you haven't already read through our beginner 7 card stud strategy and intermediate 7 card strategy I'd recommend reading over those two articles now as well. They're both filled with other useful tips and strategies that you can use to become a better 7 card stud poker player.