Bluffing in 7 Card Stud



Bluffing in 7 Card Stud:

Bluffing plays an important role in every poker game including 7 card stud, but it's a bit harder to bluff while playing this poker game and we're going to tell you why throughout this guide. One thing you need to learn right away is that bluffing is extremely important in 7 card stud if you want to last a long time. There are going to be sessions where you're not hitting any hands at all and if you're not picking up any pots from bluffing you're going to be in trouble.

One of the other reasons why you need to make sure you try and bluff once in awhile while playing 7 card stud is because you pay an ante every hand. In most poker games like Texas Holdem you only pay a small blind and big blind once every time around the table, but in stud poker you need to pay an ante every hand. If you're playing with a $1 ante and have 10 players on the table, it's going to cost you $10 every time around the table.

In order to bluff when you're playing 7 card stud poker you need to consider several factors. The first thing you need to look at is what cards you have face-up. If you have a 4 card flush or open-ended straight draw showing then you're going to have a much easier time trying to bluff at the pot. You're going to find it difficult bluffing in 7 card stud if your face-up cards are all junk and don't present any draws so don't try bluffing unless you have a draw that people can see or a high pair.

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Once you check your face-up cards you should compare them with everyone else at the table. If you're showing a pair of kings and your opponent is showing aces, chances are they aren't going to fold. You should also look for any draws that your opponent's might have in their hand before making a bluff. Finally, you need to make sure that you're in a good position to bluff. If you checked 4th/5th street and then come out firing on 6th street with a bluff, it's unlikely that everyone will fold. You may win some pots like this when your opposition has nothing at all, but if you continue bluffing in hands when you've been checking, it won't be long before the good players start catching on to your strategy.

You want to try and premeditate your bluffs in 7 card stud. Try and identify the weaker opponents in the hand and try isolating them in a hand. Once you have them isolated in the hand you should apply pressure with a bluff and try picking the pot up. Some players only call when they have hit a monster, so it really isn't hard bluffing some players. However, this works the other way as well and you need to be careful you don't keep bluffing a player that's loose and likely to call you because it only takes one bad bluff to lose a lot of your chips.