Common Mistakes in Stud Poker



Common Mistakes in Stud Poker:

There are a lot of mistakes that are commonly made by stud poker players when they first start playing the game, but the majority of these problems can be fixed with some simple stud strategy. I'm going to show you a few of the most common stud mistakes and how you can rectify the mistakes with some simple tips.

  • One of the biggest mistakes I see is that players limp into pots when they have a decent hand. If you're dealt a high pair such as aces or kings in your 1st three cards you don't want to limp into the pot. You want to try and make the pot as expensive as you can so that you can get the majority of draws out of the hand. In stud poker it isn't that common to be dealt a flush or straight since there aren't any community cards.

  • Another mistake that you really need to watch out for is not observing the face-up cards in the hand. If you have the best face-up cards then you really need to make sure you throw out a bet. You're not going to be called unless your opponent has you beat or they have a strong draw. You should be able to tell if they have a draw based on their face-up cards. If they have a draw and don't hit then you should continue betting even if your hand isn't that strong. Chances are they'll fold their hand if they didn't hit their draw.

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  • Stud poker uses antes rather then blinds, which simply means you pay money to play every hand rather then paying blinds twice every time around the table. Paying antes will definitely add up over time compared to paying blinds, so make sure you keep track of how much you're losing to antes. You need to try and make sure you pick up at least one hand every time around the table to ensure that you don't lose money from antes.

  • Playing way too many hands is another mistakes I see almost every stud poker player make at some point. Typically you'll be dealt a lot of draws in stud poker and it's your decision on when to chase draws. Generally you want to make sure you're getting pot odds when you chase a draw and even then you need to consider what draws you have. If you only have a 2-card straight or flush then you really shouldn't chase the draw since the likelihood of hitting the draw is really slim.

Once you can tame the above common stud poker mistakes you won't have any problem making money. It's usually the common mistakes that cost you the most money, which means once you stop making them you should do just fine. Stud poker is a simple game to play, but you really need to pick your spots wisely. Now that you know what mistakes to look for you can also look for opponents making these mistakes and take advantage of them.