Heads-Up Stud Strategy



Heads-Up Stud Strategy:

Playing heads-up seven card stud poker is extremely difficult for new players so I'd advise you to play on a full ring table before you start playing heads-up for real money. No matter what poker game you're playing, heads-up poker is always more difficult to play, but seven card stud is much more difficult then your average poker game. There are a total of five betting rounds, which means that it can become extremely expensive to play stud poker heads-up.

When you start playing your opponent heads-up the 1st thing that you want to do is find out what type of player you're up against, which is done by betting the first few hands. You should make the bring in bet the first few hands, as you'll be able to find out what type of player you're up against. You'll be able to determine whether your opponent is tight, loose, passive, extremely aggressive or a mixture of any of the playing styles mentioned above.

Once you learn how your opponent plays the majority of hands you'll be able to expose their weaknesses. If your opponent 3-bets you a lot than you'll need to start playing a tighter selection of starting hands. If your opponent is passive and seems to call you down a lot to the showdown, you can expose this type of player by building up the pot when you've hit a big hand. You can also control the pot against this type of player by making a small bet when you want to see the next card for cheap.

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The majority of pots are going to be won by the aggressor in seven card stud since the majority of hands neither player will have much of a hand. You need to be willing to steal pots and play aggressive or your opponent will tear you into pieces if they know what they're doing. By stealing a lot of pots and playing fairly loose you'll also have a better chance of getting paid off when you actually hit a big hand since your opponent may think you're bluffing.

A lot of hands in heads-up stud poker will be determined based on the face-up cards. Since players receive four cards face-up by the end of the hand, it's really easy to determine what type of draws your opponent has. If they don't have any real draws then you can most likely make a bet and take down the pot regardless of what you have. When you move from full ring table stud poker games to heads-up seven card stud poker, you need to throw most strategy out the window.

In a full ring table game you can play a lot tighter then you can in a heads-up game. A steady dose of stealing pots and also having the ability to fold hands when you're beat will ensure a profitable session. If you run into a bad beat you need to make sure you don't let it affect you over the next few hands. If you think you need a break make sure you take a break and calm down before joining another heads-up stud poker table.