Intermediate 7 Card Stud Strategy



Intermediate 7 Card Stud Strategy:

Once you've been playing 7 card stud for a little while and you've mastered the beginner strategy that we've posted on our website, you can move onto the intermediate section that we have here. All of the tips and strategies that have been posted will help every stud player out there. 7 card stud isn't nearly as popular as Holdem or Omaha, which means that the players you play against will typically be experienced and therefore difficult to play against.

  • One of the biggest fears that people face when playing 7 card stud is the ability to bet. If you feel that you have the best hand you need to have the courage to play the hand regardless of the opponent. If you let opponent's get into your head they're going to bully you and take pots from you that should be yours. Not only will they win pots you should be winning, but it'll most likely put you off of your game as well.

  • When you start moving up limits in 7 card stud the competition is going to get really difficult. You need to be able to read your opponents if you plan on playing at the intermediate level. Since you're playing online you can't see your opponent, but you can still tell a lot about them by the way they bet. You can pick up on patterns in way certain players bet certain hands. Some players take a bit extra time when they have a big hand while some players always bet the same amount when they have certain hands.

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  • Now that you've moved up limits discipline will become even more vital to your success. You're going to experience a lot more three-betting and bluffing when you start playing against more experienced players. You don't want to only play the premium hands because you won't receive much action generally, but you should play smart. You need to try and pick up antes when in position, but at the same time you don't want to fall into any patterns. It's also smart to limp into pots when you can once in awhile so that you keep an honest table image and don't come across as a nit.

  • On micro limit and low limit tables you can get away with floating to the showdown a large percentage of the time, but now that you're moving up limits you won't have this luxury. You're going to need to make a decision early in the hand as to whether or not you're going to try and make your hand. Generally it's going to cost more to chase draws, as your opponent's will pick up on your draw at these levels every time.

Playing 7 card stud poker online at the medium stake tables isn't that much of a jump from the low limit tables, but you do need to slow your roll down generally. It's easy to destroy new stud poker players, but you're only going to find experienced stud players at the medium stake tables. A thorough game plan and the discipline to follow through on your game plan will go a long way in making sure you don't bust your bankroll.