7 Card Stud Poker - Seven Card Stud Poker Strategy And Rules



How to play Razz poker:

Razz poker is a relatively new poker game that isn't currently being played by that many people. Only a few online poker rooms allow you to play Razz poker and there are generally only a few hundred people playing the game on a daily basis. If you want to give the poker game a shot, but you don't know how to play Razz poker then you should continue reading through the rules that I have written down below.

» Razz Poker Objective

The objective when you are playing Razz poker is different then from almost every other poker game. The goal is to have the lowest hand possible using 5 of the 7 cards from your hand. The best hand in Razz poker is A-2-3-4-5 since you aren't able to use pairs in your hand. If you use a pair in your hand then anyone with a 5-card hand without a pair would beat your hand. Straights and flushes don't add any value to your hand in Razz poker either, which takes a little bit of time to get use too.

» Razz Poker Rules

  • Every player on the table need to put an ante into the pot before the dealer deals out the cards. Players are dealt 2 cards face down and 1 card face up to start the hand. The player with the highest face up card will be the first to act.

  • Razz poker is played using fixed limit so there are certain betting limits in place on every street. Players can check or bet every street and if everyone folds the player left with a hand will win. If there are 2+ players still in the hand then it will go to the next street until the 7th street.

  • After the 7th street if there are still 2+ players in the hand you will go to the showdown and flip over your hands to see who has won the hand. Remember that you can only use 5 of the 7 cards in your hand to make the lowest 5-card poker hand possible.

  • Playing Razz poker is similar to playing seven card stud except for the fact you need the lowest hand rather then the highest hand possible. If you've ever played seven card stud then you will have a head start on the rest of the competition.

Due to the fact that players are dealt seven cards there is often a premium hand or two every single hand. If you have an 8 high in your hand and there is a lot of betting taking place then you probably don't have the best hand and you should fold. Make sure you watch the opponents face up cards as well because you can steal a lot of pots based on their cards. If everyone has a face card showing and you have an ace it may be fairly easy to steal that pot in this situation.

PokerStars is probably the #1 place to play Razz poker, as they have the most traffic. There are generally about a few hundred players in the poker room playing Razz on any given day. With excellent tournaments, cash games, bonuses and promotions there is a reason why PokerStars boasts the most traffic out of the many online poker sites.